Ladies Solo Trip: Take note of these when you travel alone

Women empowerment has become a reality in the last century. From being nothing but a fantasy to reality, the idea of women empowerment has changed a lot of women all over the world. In fact, females can now travel the world compared to being kept within four walls in the past. Still, although women have freedom now, they still have to cope with various dangers in the real world.In simpler words, a female traveling alone has to cope with risks that society throws up.It is always said that a girl must travel alone once in her life before getting hitched and before starting her family life. It is really important that you explore some of the best places alone so that you understand the value of oneself. Traveling solo is the best option to choose.

1. Have confidence

The first thing to keep in mind while traveling alone is to have confidence and trust in yourself. You need to trust your gut feeling on everything. Since you are all by yourself, it is you who will have to look after your belongings. So keep a check on your passport, tickets, luggage, and purse once in while so that you make sure you haven’t missed out something. Being nervous can be seen on your face and behavior. Carry your wedding ring or a fake ring to keep off unnecessary approaches from men, this will accord you a lot of respect.

So it is really important that you portray yourself as strong independent women even if you’re scared from within.Next up, you must be confident enough not to say no. There might be situations where strangers usually ask for help. Try avoiding such situations where you say yes without even thinking. When you are in a bar or the hostel, people usually tend to force you to keep drinking and pressurizes to participate in other activities. Saying a firm “no” to them can save you from getting mugged or violated.

2. Being aware

The most significant thing you need to focus on the environment you are in. This is required because you need to defend yourself. You need to remember everything happening around you, in addition to the major landmarks. You should also focus on faces to identify a face that repeats itself too many times.In simple terms, you should try to remember not only your environs but also the individuals around you. You would be able to protect yourself and even file complaints if you could recognize the face that keeps popping up around you.

A clever means to stay safe while you are traveling solo is to keep a dummy wallet and a whistle. It is advised by many travelers to keep a dummy wallet where you can keep canceled credit cards and some cash and when keep the real wallet inside some other chain in the bag or hidden under the sole of your shoe. Another guide is to make some noise like whistle loud when you are getting mugged so that you get the attention of people around in the area.

It also a good idea to talk as much as possible with the locals. Whichever city or place you are in making sure that you seek some advice from the local people. This way you will understand better places to visit, better places to stay and have a complete guide on the dos and don’ts of the city. To fit in you must dress like the locals. Dressing appropriately can help you stay safe. This way you will not be pinpointed by the mugger or the attacker.

3. Have simple self-defense tactics

Knowing how to defend oneself is extremely important to women especially when you are traveling to a foreign country. With so much violence in our society today, it helps to know about some useful self-defense devices that women can use to deter an attacker. The world is not easy for a citizen, and this is especially true for women. They can be tracked and are often attacked by men. To prevent situations which could be prevented, it would be wise to keep products to protect yourself from those who want to hurt you. You will not be able to compete with your stalker in strength, but these items will help you fight him.

There are now various self-defense products available on the market; this may include: pepper sprays, stun guns, personal licensed firearms and electronic control devices. You have the choice of which device you choose for your self-protection.Always trust your instincts. If your sixth sense is giving you strange feelings, then look around in your surroundings and be alert. The woman is in no way inferior to anybody, but they fall into the trap due to their carelessness. Try to keep yourself protected because no one else loves you as much as you can love yourself. Or you can choose to pick up some basic self defence skill.

4. Always have a plan

Reserve one night of accommodation in advance. It’s not advisable for you to try and find a room for a night when it is hot, dusty and tired from the long flight and in a strange land. Get¬†recommendations from friends or guides so that you know that you will stay in a safe and comfortable. Book all your accommodation in advance means you have more time for leisure and tourism, rather than spending part of his time to find a decent room for the night.Carry along with you the nice clothes and accessories to help you enjoy your time on vacation.

Staying safe while traveling alone is important but more than that traveling solo is a lifetime experience that you will cherish throughout your life with the help of travel insurance.For women the policy may cater for additional support during pregnancy, there are specific insurance packages in insurance which are going to be immensely resourceful for pregnant women who are traveling abroad for personal reasons or professional purposes. By dint of these effectual insurance options, all the medical expenses will be covered if they are in need of medical attention during their travel.

When you are out on vacation in an exotic landscape, you just do not go alone. You take so many personal belongings to accompany you during the trip to rescue you from the clench of boredom. There is a pretty long inventory of things which you would be required to take. To name a few, there could be your iPad, laptop or your music systems, etc. The list just goes on and on. During the travel, something untoward might happen with the belongings. They might get damaged or lost. If you have a travel insurance cover, then you are all sorted out.

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